The Launch of Salted Live

This post is written by Jeff Appelbaum, the CEO and Founder of Salted. You can follow him on Instagram at @jeffappelbaum

This past week we unveiled the newest initiative for Salted, "Salted Live." In a nutshell, Salted Live is an educational "pop-up" that brings together our chefs for hybrid cooking classes/dinners. It's an extension of our mission to provide a world class education to home chefs, and we hope to be hosting many of these events in the future with our chefs across the country. 

That said, this first one was a blast. We had the good fortune to team up with Salted's Los Angeles chefs Eric Greenspan and Rose Lawrence in an evening dedicated entirely to foie gras. As detailed in this wonderful LA Times piece about the event, attendees learned skills and recipes such as searing foie gras, preparing the perfect steak, and foie gras strawberry pop tarts. And then, we enjoyed a delicious meal that featured four delicious, foie gras-inspired creations. 

It was truly a pleasure to meet some of Salted's LA members and embark on this new chapter of our educational journey. We'll be posting a video with highlights from the event soon, but in the meantime, please enjoy some of the images below. 

For more info, and to make sure your on the list for our next Salted Live event, please visit the Salted Live site.