Member Testimonials

We always love hearing from our members. It reminds us how cooking, and the process of learning how to cook, is relevant to such a broad range of people - from mothers who are looking to move beyond take-out and TV dinners to experienced line cooks.  Below is just a small sample of the wonderful feedback we've received from members across the country. 

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"I love how the videos are like a one-on-one cooking class.  Great instructors.  I’ve learned so much.  Keep ‘em coming." - Myra, Salted Member since January 2014

"Your subscription has helped me so much already! Thanks so much for adding a little happiness to my life." - Natalie, Salted Member since December 2014

"Keep up the GREAT WORK!!! Keep inspiring and surprising us with ALL OF YOUR KNOWLEDGE!!!!!" - Angel, Salted Member since September 2014

"The videos I've watched have been fantastic!  I'm a trained chef (Johnson & Wales) who has a corporate non-food day job, but freelances in recipe editing and testing, And I found Salted's approach refreshingly real, smart, and fast-paced. Really thrilled with what  I've seen so far." - Alex, Salted Member since October 2014

"I stumbled upon Salted and was really excited because it offered a lot of basic skills along with advanced techniques of cooking in one easy to access place. I signed up for the free first month and loved what I saw. The videos were very well put together and the content was explained thoroughly. The Chefs not only instructed to "cook meat at this temperature, season with this," but also would instruct on what to look for in meat and why certain ingredients were used. After a little hiccup, I contacted customer support and got a response within 5 minutes. The problem was fixed within 5 more. I couldn't have asked for better customer service and for me, that is what sets a company apart." - Sean, Salted Member since September 2014

"I am really enjoying Salted; I've gone through the first several basics.  I almost didn't do it as am almost 72 years old; however, I feel like I'm 22.  I cook a lot for my family.  I grew up in a southern home and just have mostly eaten basic southern (fried a lot) food most of my life; I wanted to broaden my and my family's horizon as I love Food Network and have learned some from different programming. I am really excited to get 'into' the cooking; I already learned about cooking prime rib, etc. Thanks for bringing such an exciting program for someone like me who could NEVER go to cooking school - but this truly is the next best thing!! KUDOS!" - Marlena, Salted Member since March 2014